We are called to our city.

Before He left to return to the Father, Jesus instructed His disciples that they were to be His witnesses "in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the Earth." We take serious the call of God to be a blessing in our world, and our community. As such, we are thrilled to join in the "Love South Florida" initiative, a month-long outreach where churches all throughout Broward County will be joining together to love, serve and bless our city. One unified effort, to let our lights shine. To impact OUR "Jerusalem."


We are asking EVERYONE in our faith family to do 3 specific things...


We are asking each individual in our church to give $39 towards a specific local outreach project we have adopted. We realize that for some in our church, $39 is more than they can afford, and for others, they can afford to do much more. Do what you can! We have partnered with several local SW Broward Churches, and have adopted a local elementary school in need of help with technology. This will be a big blessing to the school, and make a huge impact for Jesus!



We're challenging each individual in our church to serve for at least a few hours this month in the community. We have a few different service projects that we've already arranged this month with several of our local missions partners, in case some of our microchurches want to serve together! The various projects we already have arranged are below. Feel free to join in with one of these, or set up your own!

Harvest Drive @ Western High School: Saturday November 19th, from 11am - 2pm.

Firewall Centers: We will be working to help renovate one of the rooms at their Orange Park center, located directly behind Western High School. The project will be THIS SUNDAY (11/13) from 2:30-5pm. Click HERE to sign up!


3) Supply

We're encouraging everyone to help supply 3 pounds of food per person to the Harvest Drive, a local food drive for needy families who live in the neighborhoods surrounding our church at Western High. Specifically, the Harvest Drive staff have asked if we could focus on collecting peanut butter & jelly (in plastic containers) and cereal.


Looking forward to working together to let His light shine in and through us! If you have any questions, email Pastor Jon at