Living in the Green

There are many ways to describe Church. The people of God. Two or more gathered in His name. The bride of Christ. The Body. Yet our ecclesial minimum, and our discipleship approach is worship, mission and community.

We envision our devotion toward God with the color yellow, and we call this worship. We envision our devotion toward people with the color blue, and we call these mission and community. Yellow and blue make green. Loving God and loving people makes disciples.

“Green” is about true discipleship and true Church. We call people to live in this green reality of the kingdom of God. We measure the health of our families and microchurches and discipleship by whether or not we are living in the green.

It’s vital to get the order right. Worship is first. We are not fully ready to “go blue” until we have first “gone yellow” in relationship with God. But once we have connected to God in worship, we cannot help but receive His heart for a lost and suffering world. This leads us into mission. As we engage in mission with the people of God, community is the natural result. It is vital to realize that we do not encounter authentic community by looking for community; it is the result of encountering God and getting on mission – together. It is also curious and beautiful to watch how Biblical community causes us to hunger and connect with God.

And that is what makes greenhouse tick. Only God can make things grow, but we try provide an environment where He can work His wonders.